The Road To Salvation

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 Helpful Instructions for the New Believer

  1.  There must be a calling from God to come into Him, the Eternal Life

It’s not so much your choosing God, but Him choosing you. It is not with your mind, but with your heart. If he calls you, you will feel a deep calling within, a yearning to know Him. This may even take place long after you think you are a Christian or one of God children. Something He saw in your heart caused the Spirit of God to call you to Himself. It’s an incredible honor to be called by the Living God. Always keep that in mind on your journey into Him.

  1. There must be a deep repentance of your life and nature, and your absolute need for God, no longer desiring to be a slave of your sinful nature

Repentance means to turn away from your old nature, your old ways, your old pursuit of the world, the things of the world, and become like Christ in your walk of life. This is the first step in sanctification.

There must be an initial realization of your sin, that we are all cursed with death, needing to be “born again” into God. If you fail to realize your need for God, He cannot take you on your journey into eternal life, His image and likeness.

There must be a realization of the cost to become a disciple of Christ and be “the called” of God. You must give up all to God to follow Him, and now all things will be in His hands, under His control. It is not an easy journey, but God’s work in you was accomplished before the foundation of the world. He can and will, make it happen, if you submit to the workings of His Spirit.

  1. You must have unwavering faith to endure to the end

First, we must say it will be “all grace”, to enter the kingdom of God. Jesus said, “Children, how hard it is to enter the kingdom of God! God will take you all the way to the land promised, the likeness of Christ and the image of God, if you trust Him all the way. Like all God’s children, you must endure many trials and tribulations to enter the Kingdom of God, by obeying the commands of Jesus. These are very little things, really foolish things to the world, designed by the Holy Spirit. They are to carve away your old flesh nature, being circumcised in heart, and transforming you into His image, the new birth. The pain of childbirth, getting man back into the image of God, is the curse on man from the beginning. But with God’s grace, all things are possible.

  1. You must begin to live on His daily bread.

Jesus is the bread of heaven, the word of God, and He must be gathered and partaken of daily. This is His voice, what He is teaching you, both in the Word and in your heart. The manna from heaven will only last for today, and must be eaten completely, that day. This means to meditate on it completely. Today is the day of salvation and every day we must be saved. We were saved, are saved, and being saved. Salvation is never pass tense, it is always today. Today, when you hear His Voice, you must obey. The following day the bread will be of no value. The next day you must gather and eat again, to stay alive for the journey into the image of God, the land promised.

  1. You must learn to cry out to God, like Jesus did

Jesus, the Son of the living God, came from heaven, was born into our same nature. He cried out with loud crying and tears to the one able to save him from death. He was heard and received help, and you will too. He endured the temptations, suffered the trials, tribulations, and testings, and prepared the way for us. He left us an example for us to follow in His footsteps. He obeyed the Gospel of God and overcame the devil, the flesh, and the world, and prepared the way and a place for us, in Him. Crying out to God in your time of need is the key to overcoming this life, and partaking of Him.

  1. You must stand firm and be steadfast in your faith, and not waiver or fall away

The way of the cross, the act of dying daily, is to all the assaults from those sent to offend you. The cross will do its work in you like it has for so many before. You will be changed, transformed, born again into a new creation. You will become free from the chains of sin, the ungodly urges in your flesh, and the world of darkness engulfing those around you. These stronghold in your flesh, control your responses in life, to others that mistreat you and use you.

If you shrink back from the trials required by the gospel, you will fall away. Not all at once, but gradually the life will be drained from you, devoured by the work of the devil. He will take you back to your old nature, loving the things of the world and Satan as your lord again. He is lord of your flesh nature, and this world. This is your one chance to be free, truly free.

  1. You must endure to the end to be saved, born again

Over and over Jesus said you must endure to the end to be saved. The path into God, the new creation, is a long and dark path, but His glory manifested in you is worth it all. As the darkness in you passes away, the light begins to come forth in you. In time, you begin to see the “true life” God promised, the promised land, flowing with milk and honey. It is a glorious place, in Him. First, we must go through the valley of the shadow of death, enduring times of rejection, betrayal, famine, shakings, and darkness, to get to His glorious light. Remember, God accomplished this for you, before you were born, even before the foundation of the world, so you can make it into Him, by faith.

  1. Religion will steal your heart away from the purity and devotion to Christ

Religion is man’s fleshly attempt to worship and please God, believing the worshipers already have the promise. It is a doctrine of demons. It is a set of rules and regulations, the Law, to make you feel like you are succeeding. It is a place of measuring yourself and comparing yourself with others, not in being transformed into His image and pursuing the promise. The most dangerous doctrine to encounter, is if you are told you are already born again, and going to heaven, and the place you abide, is all there is, while in this life.

Stay focused on Christ, and finish your journey. Eat your manna daily, the voice of God from His Spirit. Remain in faith, and don’t be deterred on your pursuit of the promise. You will know when you get there. The perfect man bridles his tongue, never stumbling with his lips, and has a pure heart. No longer I that live, only Christ living in me. Once your faith is perfected, you are in Him, eternal life.

  1. Above all, you cannot fail, unless you choose to fall away

God’s choice was made when He called you. When you responded to that call from God, it was your freewill. You always have a choice, a freewill. No one can snatch you out of His hand, if you remain in faith, continue in hope, and walk in love. You cannot fail!


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