Table Of Contents Of The Entire Vision

The Entire Vision

“The Revelation Of Jesus Christ”


The Table Of Contents


Chapter One

What Was Written In Earlier Times

The Old Testament, The Book of Shadows—The Keys To Unlocking The Shadows

God Always Speaks In Parables

The Sealed Book And What It Takes To Open It

A Gift Of Prophecy- The Revealing Of The Mysteries

A Few Spiritual Definitions By The Spirit

The Law Did Not Pass Away

Natural Man Vs Spiritual Man

The First Creation—“Mere Shadows” Of What Is To Come

Heaven And Earth


Chapter Two

The Old Covenant And The Law

 The Law–“Mere Shadows” Of What Is To Come

The Traditions Of Men, The Natural, Takes You Captive

The First Circumcision—A Mere Shadow

Why The Law Was Given

Do Not Eat—A Mere Shadow

Do Not Touch, Go Near—A Mere Shadow

Ark Of The Testimony- A Shadow Of Christ, The Living Gospel

The Tabernacle, The Outer Court, Inner Court, Holy of Holies

The Manna Of God

Measuring The Temple Of God And The Altar

The Old Covenant–Ready To Disappear

The Veil Of The Temple (Two Veils)

The True Sabbath–The “Rest” Promised For The People Of God


Chapter Three

The Kingdom Of God

 The New Covenant—The True First Covenant Made With Abraham

Abraham- The Promise Of The Land

His Works Finished Before The Foundation Of The World

A Royal Priesthood Offering Living Sacrifices

We Are Sanctified By His Word Through Living Sacrifices, For Us And For Them

Two Births—Born According To The Spirit, Born According To The Flesh

The New Birth Of The Spirit–The Witness Or Testimony (In Us) 

The Baptism Of John

Many Dwelling Places

The Way

The Witness, The Testimony

The Baptisms, Of The Water, Of The Blood, Of The Spirit

Sanctification—The Washing/Baptism Of The Water

Justification—Baptism Of The Holy Spirit And Of Fire Being Found Faithful Through The Fire Of Testing and Trials

Glorification—His Image And Likeness Manifested In Fullness

The Wilderness Testing

Behold The Fig Tree

The Son Of God and The Son Of Man

The Fear Of Death

Making Known The Name

Taking The Lord’s “Name” In Vain

You Are God’s Light To The World

The Rich Struggle To Enter Eternal Life

The Sheep And The Goats

The Dead

Being Found Blameless

Lay Up For Yourself Treasures

Bring The Tithes Into The Storehouse—Giving

Walking The Second Mile


Chapter Four

The Image Of God And The Image Of The Beast

 Bearing Good Fruit–The Fruit Of Righteousness

Being Truly Born Again by the Witness of The Spirit

Seeing The Kingdom Of God

Entering The Kingdom Of God

The Spirit Bears Witness (in us)

The Image Of The Beast–Bearing False Witness

The Witness Of The Beast

The Baptism Of Fire—The Narrow Way Into The Kingdom

Ascending Through The Heavens

The Stars Of God

The Two Waters


Chapter Five

God’s Secret–The Life Must Be Given Away To Receive It

Our Ministry The Gospel

The Law Of The Spirit Of Life

The Origin Of Eternal Life

The Crown Of Life

God’s Greatest Secret–Give And It Will Be Given

By Your Standard Of Measure

Judge, And You’ll Be Judged—The Coming Judgment

A Life-giving Spirit (The Body, Jesus the Head)

Three Things Required, Faith, Hope, Love

In Hope We Are Saved

Every Word Of God Is Tested

Love Is The Narrow Way To Eternal Life

Alms, Deeds, And Works Of Righteousness

Righteous Judgment vs. Unrighteous Judgment

Keeping A Good And Clear Conscience

You Are The Light Of The World

The True Preaching Of The Gospel

Living Sacrifices

The True Cross Of Jesus Christ 

We Shall Be Changed And Made Alive (The First Resurrection, in us)

Only One Commandment From God

The “Will of God”

Two Creations, The True Creation

The New Creation Of God

Sit At My Right Hand And Reign (through the gospel) Until All Enemies Are Under His Feet (us)

The “True Power” Of God, Revealed In Weakness

Awake From The Dust Of The Earth


The Blessing And The Curse

Judging The Body Rightly

 Cursed Is Everyone That Hangs On A Tree

Choose–The Blessing or the Curse

The Children’s Bread

The Cause Of Sickness And Disease, and Healing


The Table Of The Lord

The Bread And The Cup

Eat Things Sacrificed To Idols

Committing Acts of Immorality, Adultery


Chapter Six

The Glorious Church

God’s Order

Subject Yourselves To One Another

The Key To Ruling, Reigning, And Dominion

The Least Is The Greatest

The Last Is The First

The Greatest Is The Servant Of All

The Humble Is Exalted

The Fullness Of Him

The Knowledge Of Good “And” Evil

Being Sifted Like Wheat

To Fall Away

The Will Of God

Through His Poverty, We Become Rich


Aliens And Strangers

A City Without Foundations


The Coming Glory

Show Me Thy Glory

Heir Of All Things

The Work Of Angels

The New Jerusalem

The Sons Of Zadok

The Feast Of Tabernacles

The Glory—Being Glorified

Being Made Perfect

God’s True Children

And You Shall Prophecy, Male And Female

Unity Of The Spirit

Giving Thanks

Possessing Your Vessel In Honor

A Sweet Smelling Savour

Accounted Worthy

The Mystery Of Godliness

Seeking The Righteousness Of God

Speaking Truth To One Another

Do Not Love The World Or The Things Of The World

The Four Essentials

Egypt Is A False Help

Lifting Up Holy Hands

Washing One Another’s Feet

The Year of Jubilee

The Two Olive Trees, The Two Witnesses


 “The Man” And “The Woman”

“The Woman” (In The Spirit)

“The Man” (In The Spirit)

Put On, or Adorn Yourself Properly (in Christ)

Remain In The Condition In Which You’re Called

God’s View Of Divorce


Chapter Seven

The Book Of Revelation And The Second Coming Is Being Revealed

 The Sealed Book and Who Can Open It

The Book Of Life

The Great Tribulation

The Lamb That Was Slain

They Sang “A New Song”


The Second Coming Of Christ

The Coming In The Clouds

We Shall Be Changed And Made Alive (The First Resurrection)

The Lord’s Coming  

Jesus Comes (To Us) As A Thief

The Resurrection Of The Dead (The New Birth)

All Things That Happen Are “In Us”

Rebuilding The Tabernacle Of David

Birth Pangs, The Sign A Birth Is Near

Despairing Even Of Life

My God, My God, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me



Wars and Rumors of Wars- The Great War Of The Saints

The Flood Against The House

God’s Four Severe Judgments–The Sword, The Fire, The Wind, The Flood

Woe To The Shepherds

The Book Of Life And The Two Bodies

Wearing The Clothing Of The Bride Or Being Found Naked

Every Knee Will Bow, Every Tongue Confess

The Day And The Night

Those That Are Asleep

The Thousand Year Reign


The End, The Last Days

The Time Is Near, At Hand

This Age And “The Age To Come”


Chapter Eight

Where Satan Dwells

 Satan Cast Down To The Earth (the flesh of men)

The Other Woman, Babylon The Great, Home of the Antichrist

Seated In The Temple Of God, Displaying Himself As God

The Abomination Of Desolation

The Number Of The Beast And His Image

The Ten Kings (In our hearts)

The Judgment Of Babylon





















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