Preaching Jesus Christ And Him Crucified

Many years ago, maybe thirty, I did a teaching called, “Preaching Jesus Christ and Him Crucified”.  It was a revelation God gave me, and it was overwhelming to see at that time. The revelation revealed  the true Jesus Christ, and the true Cross of Jesus Christ, that Paul preached, publicly displayed as crucified, in Paul’s life. God was showing us how to enter His rest by obeying the gospel.

Scott Fisher, now the pastor of Metroplex Chapel in Bedford Texas, asked me back then if I could put the teaching in writing for their newsletter for their ministry, Macedonian Ministries. I tried and gave it to him, basically a rough draft. Scott, turned it into something special, from my poor writing skills. In order to do that, he had to understand it completely, his eyes opened by God.

Recently a brother sent it to me, an old copy, saying how it opened his eyes and blessed him. Now I offer it to you, to enjoy. May God also open your eyes to the “true Jesus Christ”, and how to “Preaching Him Crucified”.

Preaching Christ and Him Crucified – Dennis Pewitt and Scott Fisher

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