Statement of Purpose

Note: God has a word for you if you love Him and desire more of his truth. Many of God’s people are saying, “there must be more than this. I’m being told I have my ticket punched, my sins are forgiven, and now I have eternal life. I’m told not to doubt it, and I will spend eternity with God.

The problem is, I don’t feel like a new creation. I don’t feel like I am abiding in Him. I don’t feel like I have been baptized in His Spirit. I don’t feel like I have the victory I was promised in Christ. I don’t feel like I am the light of the world and my light is changing the world around me. Like the old song used to say…. “IS THIS ALL THERE IS”.

I see blatant sin in the church and more is being exposed every day. Leaders are falling in the body of Christ and we’re stunned at the sin in our midst. The world has crept into the church and we look and act no different than the world. Marriages are falling apart, children are choosing the world and all it offers, being destroyed. All seem to love the world, love the flesh, and pursuing a life of mammon, visiting God once a week to feel spiritual. I can see the Bible teaches the opposite, an overcoming life of victory. 

I see the gospel being peddled for money and making many rich, and the mission of the church is now to make money and build empires for men, rather than the mission ordained by Jesus Christ. I just want to know the truth, right now, not after I die. I know my heart isn’t right but I don’t know what to do about it. There must be something deeper if I could only find it.

If this at all speaks of your heart, you need to listen to this series on God’s Entire Vision. This teaching is fresh and new, a glimpse into how God thinks and where he wants to go with His people in the last days. God’s revealing what He wants to say to this dysfunctional church that loves the world. All Scriptures here on this blog are covered on the youtube channel, God’s Entire Vision. You are welcome to listen to the audio teaching each week and share them with anyone with ears to hear.

May God open your eyes and ears to hear His message of truth. You will gasp when God reveals this revelation to you, and be surprised, shocked, stunned, and even outraged, when God shows you where we are today, and how the gospel of Jesus Christ has been maligned into “another gospel”, “another Jesus”, and “another spirit”. You will see it in your Bible, how all the ancient foundations we have trusted, have been corrupted by the traditions of men.

BEWARE, EVERYTHING YOU KNOW WILL BE CHALLENGED IN THIS REVELATION!!! This may be the greatest revelation to the church in over two thousand years and you can see it with your own eyes in your Bible. I pray God gives you eyes to see and ears to hear. Amen.

Dennis Pewitt




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